Maps of Bases

Here is the best of all Worlds !!  You don't need to own an ocean going catamaran to be able to sail in the best destinations. Your Worldwide sailing experience, can be as simple as flying with your friends and family to a

spell binding destination, where your fully equipped catamaran will be ready and waiting for you. If you have the sailing experience, you can sail the boat to your itinerary or we can supply a fully qualified skipper to make the vacation easier.

Indian Ocean

Sechelles   Best Cruising Months: May - October

This set of islands is right up there as being one of the best charter destinations. The beaches, coral, tropical islands with unique rock formations, amazing flora & fauna, are a sight to behold.


Maldives   Best Cruising Months: May - October

The vast sea and the numerous islands can be explored by taking a cruise holiday in the Maldives. Embark on a voyage of discovery within one of the most disparate atoll structures found in the entire world.


Thailand (Phuket)  & Malaysia 

Best Cruising Months: Nov. - mid-May
​Now here is exotica at it's best. There is nothing like it anywhere else.

There are a miriad of tropical islands with spectacular scenery. Experience this laid back Asian way of life, with friendly people and prices you can afford. Prize winning game fishing.

Pacific Ocean

Australia (Whitsundays): Best Cruising Months:  April - December

74 islands in this majestic group of tropical islands, right next to the famous Great Barrier Reef. This is the ultimate area for viewing coral and tropical fish.


New Caledonia:  .Best Cruising Months: April - November

Sail the largest tropical Lagoon in the World and visit the magnificent Isle of Pines. An incredible blend of Melanesian and French culture, enhanced by Polynesian and Asian influences

Tahiti:  Best Cruising Months:  April - November

Like sailing into heaven. rugged mountain peaks, beaches, coral & lagoons like you've never seen before. A true Polynesian experience.


Mexico (La Paz)   Best Cruising Months: October - May

Stunning desert vistas in the Sea of Cortez. A peaceful and safe laid back corner of Mexico.


Best Cruising Months:  November - May.

The Caribbean is made up of 100's of islands, but there are 8 major cruising areas to consider. They are:

- Bahamas

- Virgin Islands (British, Spanish & US)

- St.Martin

- Antigua

- Guadeloupe

- Martinique

- Grenadines

- Belize


Mediterranean & Atlantic

Best Cruising Months for Mediterranean:  May - October

Discover the historical treasures of the Med.

The Mediterranean is split between Western Mediterranean and Eastern Mediterranean:


Western Mediterranean covers:

- Italy

- Sicily

- Sardinia

- Corsica

- French Riviera

- Spain

Eastern Mediterranean covers:

- Greece

- Turkey

- Montenegro

- Croatia


In the Atlantic Ocean catamarans are available from:

- Canaries Islands : Best Cruising from November - April

- Cape Verdes Islands. Best Cruising from November - April

- Brazil.  Best cruising from November - April